Otracom Mobile

Otracom Mobile is the next evolution of the Otracom Tyre Management System, combining the detailed reporting of Otracom with the convenience of a mobile app available on both the Apple iOS and Android platforms. 

Its colour-coded, easy-to-use interface allows tyre technicians to record field survey data, such as tread depths, pressure and temperature readings and causes of damage. It also allows users to instantly check stock levels and statuses, perform stock takes, and receive new and transferred tyres into the system.

The application does not require a network connection to function, so it can be used anywhere. Otracom Mobile allows clients to capture data in the field and upload it to their system when they have network access - saving time, reducing paperwork and improving reporting accuracy.


Fleet Inspection 
  • Record tread depths, pressure and temperature readings
  • Document visual inspections, damage causes and photos using the device camera
  • Log operating hours and distance values
  • Log tyre changes and change the operating status of tyres
  • Receive summary reporting on visual inspections conducted during fleet inspections or individual tyre/vehicle checks.      
  • Perform inventory stocktakes with a variety of reporting options
  • Receive summary reporting on stock levels, and sizes and specifications of available tyres
  • Receive reports on stock discrepancies between physical and system assets.
Stock status
  • View overall stock levels and statuses by tyre specification, size or individual asset
  • View tread depths on used spares.