Otracom is hosted in Tier 1 data centres in Australia. All data centres have full redundancy and disaster recovery.

Through the web front end, users are able to perform all tyre management functions, view active dashboards and run reports. Otracom can be set up to monitor for defined events and, once triggered, emails and alerts can notify the user of the event. 

Otracom Mobile provides users with the ability to work offline on Otracom site data and perform many of the daily tasks required. Once the users is back within Internet connectivity, any changes can be synchronised with the Otracom server and new updates downloaded to the mobile.

The Otracom Hub dashboard is also viewed through a web browser but can be set to presentation mode – enabling the information to be displayed in a control centre with several tiled browsers per screen, showing real-time management reporting information and removing the need to log into Otracom to monitor core KPI metrics. 

Both Otracom and Otracom Hub are secured over the Internet with encryption certificates, as well as two-factor user authentication through the use of passwords and USB yubikey devices unique to each user.

User are able to access one or multiple Otracom sites through the web, the mobile app or Otracom Hub – all based on defined user permissions and authority.