Otracom is not an isolated system and can be linked with supporting operational systems for better information capture and reporting.

Otracom provides seamless integration with three core types of applications. 

1.    TPMS – Tyre Pressure Management Systems 

At Otracom, we are currently working with a number of TPMS providers to integrated with Otracom, where integration brings regular pressure and temperature readings from each tyre chamber into Otracom, as well as alerts detected from these systems. We also plan to work with other TPMS systems and are in discussion with clients about their needs.

2.    ERP systems

Otracom integrates with ERP systems for:

Inventory management: Tyre and rim inventory is synchronised between Otracom and the ERP system, maintaining inventory and ensuring any tyre management function, including receiving a new tyre, fitting a new tyre or moving a used tyre back into stock, is updated in the relevant ERP system.

Work order management: Some Otracom clients use EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)/CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) or modules to manage maintenance work orders. In these instances, Otracom can receive work orders relevant to the tyre management roles, as well as help to ensure these work orders are closed once completed.

 3. Fleet Systems
Otracom can interface with fleet management systems for:

Receiving vehicle data: Otracom can help with tyre forecasting and wear rate reporting, such as vehicle distances travelled, routes travelled, driver details and tonnage carried. All this information assists in the management and reporting of tyre-related wear and performance.

Dispatch management: Otracom can electronically notify the dispatch system when a vehicle is ready to use again after a tyre maintenance event.

Each client’s integration environment and requirements differ but the core technology solution and approach remain the same.

Otracom can tailor and implement the integrations required.